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Maintenance Supplies & Swabs

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Foamtip Swabs p75

Foamtip Swabs

  • Urethane foam
  • Non-abrasive
  • Highly absorbent
  • Thermally bonded
  • No contaminating adhesives
  • Contaminant-free packaging.

Swabs p75


Resilient polyurethane foam head, flexible polypropylene handle. 97% void space to hold contamination. Resists water, oils, body acids, perspiration. Will not lint, splinter or shed. 500 per box, 2 Ibs.

Cleanroom Mtce Kit p75


A wide array of supplies available for you for use in your cleanroom areas.  If you don't see it, please ask, we can assist you to supply all your cleanroom requirements

Acid-Solvent Glove p65


A wide variety of glove types and size available for almost any cleanroom application.

Sterile Isopropyl Alcohol p72


Cleaners and detergents for use in most cleanroom applications, view the MSDS on line for additional information.

Tacky roll mop 18

Tacky Roll Mops 6-300

The Tacky Roll Mop Assembly is a disposable 18" adhesive surface which picks up contaminants from hard to reach areas such as walls, ceilings, floors, benchtops, windows and corners. It removes dirt, dust, debris, and lint from glass, plastic, metal, cloth and similar problem surfaces. The top sheet of the tacky roll mop may be peeled off to expose a fresh, clean surface. Perforated every 14%" (avg.) for easy access to fresh sheet. For refill simply pull off the old core and replace it with a new roll. The Tacky Roll Mop has a telescopic 48" handle to achieve a maxi mum reach of over 7 feet. Each Tacky Roll Mop has 20 (avg,) disposable adhesive sheets.
  • MODEL 6-300 complete assembly, includes a total of 4 refills, 10 Ibs. ...

hand held tacky roll mop p40

Hand Held Tacky® Roll Mop

A smaller version of the full size tacky roll mop. It's the perfect tool for cleaning work counters, pass thru windows and any other cleanroom areas where fast clean up is needed in confined spaces. Peel off the dirty sheet when a new one is needed and when the roll is finished a new refill slides on easily. Its small size makes it convenient to store and the sheet perforations make it easy to use.

Tacky Mat big blue p.39

Tacky Mat® 800030

Get maximum protection with the Tacky Mat® 800030 series for foot borne contamination. Each sheet has a strong adhesive coating that removes dirt on contact. The 800030 series provides the most economical way to meet cleanroom needs. The Tacky Mat® 800030 series protects sanitary conditions in cleanroom areas. Each mat consists of 30 disposable sheets. When the top sheet becomes soiled, simply peel off to expose a new, clean surface. Tacky Mat® 800030 installs in seconds and can last up to weeks at a time depending on the amount of traffic. No frame is required; adhesive strips, 800030B or full width backing, 800030BFW, adhere the Tacky Mat® 800030 in place on the floor.  Scroll down to watch a video ...