Portable, table-top, canopy fume hoods are available in two models. Both models are constructed of lightweight chemical resistant fiberglass and come equipped with a work surface which has a recessed work area to contain spillage. A three inch diameter outlet collar is featured on both models for duct connection. Overall dimensions are 24"/61.0 cm W x 24"/61.0 cm H x 15"/38 cm. ID. Special optional filter backpacks are available to absorb a wide variety of organic vapors, odors, gases and solvents. Unit requires model 51051 exhaust blower, 50130 quick disconnect, 80047 flexible ducting and 80073 3" vent outlet. All sold separately.
Unit of Measure



N/A 24x24x15 Inch


N/A 61x61x38.1 cm

Est. Wt.

N/A 85 lbs