It offers operator protection from harmful fumes from within the work area with an air curtain across the work opening. 3/4" high density novaply board, high pressure plastic laminate. Interior duct surfaces sealed to prevent shedding of particulates and contamination adherence. 1/4" clear acrylic shield, perforated stainless work surface is standard. Available in stainless steel construction, quoted on request.
Unit of Measure


No. of HEPA's

N/A 1 ea.

Rated CFM

N/A 800

No. of Blowers

N/A 1

Dim. A

N/A 50 Inch

No. of Light/Watts

N/A 1/40

115v Amps Draw

N/A 6.8

Electrical Requirements

N/A 120V, 1 phase 60 HZ.