• 3 Bin Acrylic Station p96

    1/4" thick clear acrylic bin. Three separate bins to hold gloves, wipes, and accessories for easy access by personnel. Has an 8 1/2" slope angle.

  • Acrylic Wipe Dispenser p96

    Keep cleanroom wipes stacked and accessible with easy to use wipe dispenser. Holds up to 300 9" x 9" wipes. Durable white acrylic.

  • Cleanroom Buddy Utility Tray p97

    Ideal for easy carry of supplies from area to area. 2 compartment. Available in clear and other colors.

  • Acrylic Glove Dispenser p97

    Specify wall or bench mount. Also available in clear or other colors.

  • Bench Top Glove Dispenser p97

    Acrylic glove holder with top that slides off for easy refills. Available in clear and other color choices.

  • Glove Dispenser p96

    White plastic molded dispenser holds large volumes of gloves for easy storage and access. Wall mounted with top loading cover.

  • All Purpose Dispenser p97

    Excellent all purpose acrylic dispenser for bouffant cap, shoe covers and much more. Available in clear and other colors.

  • Enclosed Wipe Dispenser p97

    Made of for 9 x 9 wipes. Available in clear and other color choices.

  • 3 Bin Acrylic Station p96

    An acrylic holder for any cleanroom items that need to be stored. Available in clear and other colors. Available as a 4 to 6 bin compartment with individual door compartments or one solid compartment.

  • Wall Mount Acrylic Storage Cabinet p97

    White, opaque 1/4" acrylic, cabinet to store and organize cleanroom accessories and parts. Sloping angle.

  • Safety Glasses Holder p98
  • 2 Bin Bulk Glove Dispenser p98

    For those situations where bulk style gloves are used this new 2 bin dispenser is ideal for storage of gloves. Made of 1/4" acrylic the two bins hold hundreds of gloves for easy dispensing. 5" deep x 10" h x 13 1/2" l.

  • Trash Container p98

    DurarnoldĀ® constructed containers feature snug-fitting, hinged top with gravity closure door. Won't bend, dent, scratch or rust. Polyliner fastener, beige.

  • Wiper Station p98

    Adding to our extensive array of acrylic bins, this wipe station is for 9" x 9" wipes. Made of 3/16" clear acrylic - 13 1/4" x 9 1/4" x 4" for front of wipes. This new station also has a 4" x 4 1/2" compartment of cleaner.

  • Storage Box p98

    Ideal for tool and parts storage. Sides and bottom are white opaque acrylic. Clear amber lid. 2 lbs. 1/4" acrylic.

  • SS Step Waste Cans p98

    Tight fitting countered lid with airtight vinyl gasket seal contains contaminated waste. Constructed of No. 304 non-magnetic stainless steel. Six capacities from 3 1/2 gallon to 40 gallons. (Not for radioactive waste). Full length piano hinge with restraint prevents damage to walls and equipment. Available with germ fighter, anti-microbial rigid plastic liner.

  • 3 Bin Glove Dispenser p98

    We have made it easier for maintaining several gloves sizes and or styles of gloves for your cleanroom. This new 3 bin dispenser will hold several styles or sizes of different gloves. Made of 1/4" acrylic - 5" deep x 10" high x 20" long it is ideal for use in any cleanroom. It can be wall mounted or for bench mounting.

  • Series 1600 Swing Top Waste Receptacle p98

    Brushed stainless steel swing top fits on receptacle base, lifts off for removal of trash, soiled garments, etc. Black vinyl bumper protects wall surfaces. Liner hooks permanently welded in corners hold plastic bags.

  • Storage Bin p96

    Acrylic storage bin reduces the garment clutter. Dispenses shoe covers, bouffants or other products. 1/4" acrylic, hinged top. Mounts on wall,

  • Dry Box Drawer p96

    4 drawers, divided into 2 compartments. Drawers may be removed. Gasketed door with constant pressure latches assures a dust free environment. 4 resilient rubber feet prevent scratching of wood surface. 1/4" acrylic.

  • Flow-Thru Storage Cabinet p96

    For Class 10 cleanrooms and up. Allows air to circulate throughout. Prevents build-up of contaminants.