• Series 7350 p89

    14 gauge heavy-duty stainless steel tops with support structure. Rigid, wobble free table with 1 5/8" posts. Easily assembled with no special tools. Optional, 2" increment adjustable bottom shelf. Stackable fiberglass drawer system for 72" and 96" tables (up to 4 drawers), slide on ball bearing rollers. 36' and 44" standard widths, 34' high. Series 7350 tables with bottom shelf

  • Series CRBK p89

    Cleanroom Stainless steel tables with perforated tops constructed from 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel. The front and rear edge of each table has a die formed rolled edge for worker comfort. 45% open spaces increases laminar air flow, 3/8" perforations are punched on 1/2" centers. All units ship knocked down. Perforated stainless steel table with Tubular Legs and support bar.

  • Series 5800 p89

    Durable 14 gauge 304 stainless steel, 2B finish top. Chrome center pedestal column, black epoxy base, 8' 10" and 9' 10" have 3 pedestals. Series 5800 Bench with pedestal supports.

  • SS Bootie Bench p90

    Durable 14 gauge 304 solid stainless steel, 2B finish top. Unit is one piece welded construction. Available with SSM a highly polished finish. 9 1/2" D x 18" H

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    Constructed from 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel. Seating height is 18" from floor. With solid top

  • Aluminum Bootie Bench p90

    Smooth surfaced aluminum extensions and aluminum cover strips that eliminate particle trap in Cleanroom structures. This new aluminum seating bench is available in 3 standard sizes and can be made to order per specification.

  • Shoe Storage Bench p90

    For use in changing room or ante room. The standard shoe storage bench holds shoes in individual bins. While seated personnel can easily store shoes without unnecessary movement that could transfer particles from shoes to environment. Ideal for small areas where space utilization is important. Custom sizes available. Dimensions: 4'W x 2'D x 18"H. Each shelf approximately 11"W x 5"H. The unit holds 12 pairs of shoes.

  • SS Storage Rack p90

    The storage rack is completely electropolished stainless. Ideal for storage of disposable and reusable garments as well as gloves, caps, wipers etc. The unit features 12 compartments.

  • SS Wall Mounted Bootie Bench p91

    For areas where space is limited. The wall mounted bench can meet your requirements. It is strongly recommended to be used with studded walls.
    Not recommended for standard Cleanroom walls or sheet rock walls.

  • Garment Center p91

    Open wire construction. 24' x 48' hanging area holds up to 20 garments. 24' x 36" shelves for boots, goggles, face masks etc. 86' H x 25' D x 84' W. Chrome plated wire shelving. Easy to assemble with no special tools. Also available in stainless steel, 7316SS.

  • SS Rack With Hanger p91

    16 gauge stainless steel rack with 1 1/2" square tubing for legs. Excellent for frocks and coveralls.

  • Hepa Filtered Garment Center p91

    Holds 30 garments. (2) MAX 8000 Series Motorized Low Profile filters continually bathe garments in Class 100 (ISO 5) air. Transparent Flex Shield curtain contains air flow and protects integrity of air. Fluorescent lights mounted under top of unit. Black facade is optional. Size 8' W x 2' D x 10' H (nominal).

  • Garment Rack p91

    Garment rack that is free standing racks constructed of all stainless steel. These racks and hangers are ideal for hanging cleanroom apparel. Each unit comes with evenly spaced, non-removable hangers. Hangers are sold separately. Size 24"x48" w/15 hanger slots up o 24 x 84 w/27 hanger slots.

  • Perforated Shoe Rack/Storage Bench p91

    A new way to dress for the cleanroom - while sitting on the bench you can easily reach in the compartment below for shoe storage. The unit is no. 4 stainless steel perforated top and no.4 stainless steel wire shelving. It comes complete with top, legs, foot plates and two (2) wire shelves - bottom and center, along with six (6) dividers.