• Custom Dry Boxes

    Dry Box


    For economical dust and moisture-free storage. Protects micro electronic parts, chemicals and subassemblies. Seams solvent welded. 360° visibility. Open polyurethane, gasketing and chrome plated hardware. Options: U.V., shielding amber acrylic, doors on two sides for pass-thru operations, optional removable solid or perforated shelves, handle, support feet, glove ports, precision flow meter, pressure relief valve, inlet valve, flow gauge ionizers and metal support stand.

  • Dry Box Filter System p99

    Converts Dry Box into HEPA filtered storage cabinet. Mounts directly to existing dry box with minor alterations. Optional on new boxes. Variable speed controller maintains positive pressure in box. HEPA filter 99.99% efficient 0.3 microns and large. Dust Guard prefilters 35% efficient ASHRAE. 115V, 1 phase 60 HZ. 25-250 CFM fully adjustable. Acrylic construction. 14"W x 14"D x 16"H, with a 12" x 12" x 3" HEPA filter. The dry box filter system can be quoted to fit dry boxes RD-18 to RD-60 units.

  • Flow Gauge Ionizer p99

    Converts dry nitrogen to ionized nitrogen and keeps dry box free of static electricity. Capacitor coupled, shock-proof. Operates with power unit Model Tl276SL. Two flow gauges can operate from single power unit. Shielded wire 7000 V, 800 V with less than 1 micro-amp.

  • Quick Disconnect-Inlet Valve p99

    Gas Feed and disconnect Option This quick disconnect is for the introduction of inert gases or other controlled atmospheres into the dry box. Features tight leak-proof connection for ease of disconnecting gas supply.

  • Pressure Relief Valve p99

    Pressure Relief Valve Option: Pressure relief valve, a knurled knob adjusts from 0 lbs to infinity. Required for perforated shelves. Air or gases are exhausted through ports in the side of the valve.