• Primer Binder p109

    Now available from the Liberty Library of Cleanroom Reference, a compact 3 ring binder complete with The Cleanroom Primer, The Air Shower Primer, The Cleanroom Maintenance Primer, How To Save Thousands on Your New Cleanroom, our Guide To A Cleanroom Facility and Your Guide to Ultraclean Film Packaging. Seven handy volumes in one easy to find location. In a vinyl binder.

  • Cleanroom Primer p109

    A perfect introduction to new employees who will be assigned cleanroom responsibilities. Includes the history of cleanroom development, basics of contamination control, cleanroom operations, equipment and accessories, 48 pgs.

  • Cleanroom Mtce Primer p109

    The Primer presents a full program for keeping the cleanroom clean. Complete with details on processes, equipment and the materials required, it also provides clear explanations and reasons on the importance of contamination control. 48 pgs.

  • Air Shower Primer p109

    For the potential buyer or the current user. Covers the history of Air Showers, how Air Showers work and proper use of the Air Shower by personnel. 32 pgs.

  • Guide to a Cleanroom Facility p109

    Covers a wide range of cleanroom design and operation principles. A must for cleanroom supervisors and personnel. Includes Federal Regulation 209. 52 pgs.

  • Save Thousands on Your Cleanroom p109

    Fourth in a series of publications from Liberty that makes understanding cleanroom design clear and simple. Utilizing a question and answer format like our previous Cleanroom Primer, Air Shower Primer and Maintenance Primer, the design primer simplifies a complicated subject. 56 pgs.

  • The Cleanroom Encyclopedia p109

    The most cleanroom information ever in one reference book. Written by Dr. Philip R, Austin, P.E. this entirely new book follows up on his 2 previous publications on cleanrooms. Over 500 full color and BW photos, it covers design, construction, operation and management of cleanrooms.

  • Static Electricity p109

    Written by Anthony Q. Testone, this book explains the workings of static electricity and how to deal with it through the use of proper techniques and equipment, 100