• Cleanroom Entry Sign p82

    Smoked acrylic emblem, white lettering and red caution symbol mounts at entrance.

  • Tyek Bulletin Board p82

    Another Liberty exclusive. Use Tyvek® paper 18" x 34" 20 sheets per pad to a durable styrene frame. Tear off a Tyvek® sheet to expose a clean fresh sheet. Size 18" x 36"

  • Cleanroom Entrance Sign p82

    Alert personnel to the importance of being properly gowned before entering a cleanroom. Bright red letters on white background warn that proper garments must be worn before entering. Adhesive back secures to door or window.

  • Static Control Sign p82

    Bright yellow sign, red and black graphics. 1/8" plastic, attaches with screws or double coated tape.

  • Cleanroom Bulletin Board p82

    Post Cleanroom notices by using a Liberty exclusive-Cleanroom Bulletin Board. Using our famous Tacky Mat® attached to a durable styrene frame we have created the perfect bulletin board for the anteroom and gowning area. Holds paper using low tack adhesive. No generation of particulates associated with cork type boards. Comes standard with 3 sheets.