• Static Eliminators-DC Bars p100

    Ideal for reducing surface particle contamination levels and ESD problems in Class 1 (ISO 3) and above modular clean rooms and laminar flow bench applications. The flexibility of the QwikTrac design, with its retractable male connectors, enables bars to be optionally connected in series for longer runs, Rapid neutralization of static charges, 25% to 60% reduction in particles. Aerodynamic shape prevents air turbulence, easily mounts to any HEPA, T-bar ceiling or laminar flow bench frame. Powered by an air flow controller.

  • Pulse flow Controller p100

    SIMCO's slimline PulseBar® eliminates troublesome static charges on surfaces, reducing attraction of contaminants. Ideal for electronics and medical parts assembly, film and conveyor lines in cleanroom environments. Air Assist PulseBar is ideal for neutralization in restricted spaces where close mounting is not possible.

  • Static Eliminators-DC Bars p100

    Individually adjustable emitter via controller or remote control. Low voltage power distribution (<28V DC) makes wiring simple, safe and easy to maintain. Easy calibration of each module via system Controller or infrared remote control. Microcomputer intelligence with multi-drop communication network. Quoted based on specific requirements.

  • Aerostat Guardian CR p100

    The Guardian™ CR is designed specifically for use in Class 100 (ISO 5)and higher cleanrooms. It features an inherent balance circuitry, which maintains an ion balance of 0±5V. Ducts enclose the ionizers and each fan is tested for cleanliness to ensure that only clean air exits the unit. The Guardian™ CR has sophisticated internal monitoring circuitry which provides assurance that the unit is ionizing and that the balance circuit is functioning. An outlet allows power supply interconnection (daisy-chain) of units. Power requirement 120VAC, 60Hz.

  • Aerostat Ionizing Air Blower p100

    Provides extended coverage, stability of balance, and rapid static charge decay for a variety of environments, including cleanrooms. It features a benchtop stand, optional pedestal mount, or it can be permanently mounted on a wall or an overhead shelf. Inherently balanced to ± 5 V to protect ESD-sensitive components, three- speed fan and internal heater and status light indicates the presence of ionization. Class 100 (ISO 5).

  • Top Gun p100

    Top Gun


    A high performance ionizing air gun for electronics manufacturing and cleanroom applications. Features high blow-off force to provide efficient cleaning and rapid static charge decay. A 0.2 micron filter at the exit of the gun ensures the air is clean with a light touch trigger, making it comfortable even for extended use. All functionality is built into the gun; a flow control valve, a balance adjustment for calibration, and a two-level LED which indicates both power and ionization.

  • HM-8000 Hi Mounted Ionization Trans. Sys. p101

    Designed to be suspended over the work station with the ionized air blowing down over the area to be protected against an ESD event. The High Mount is a self-contained ionizer capable of producing copious amounts of both positive and negative ions. Normally the system is mounted 30"-36" above the area to be controlled, producing an ionization pattern of approximately 36" wide x 48" long. A three position air speed permits just the right amount of balanced ionized air to flow over the area to be protected, without disturbing the product or causing a draft. Conforming to the EOS/ESD Standard S3,1-1991

  • Staticide ESD Coating p101

    A permanent aerosol spray coating can be applied to plastics, painted metals, laminates, glass, paper and may be applied to keyboards, computers, meters, shelving, workstations, mini-environments - wherever dangerous static electricity invades and threatens your electronic equipment. Staticide® ESD meets Federal Standard 209E for zero particulation in cleanrooms and also meets California air quality standards and is exempt from V.O.C. reporting as a an ESD aerosol product.

  • Temp/Humidity Monitor p101

    A digital thermo hygrometer which accurately senses and displays temperature & relative humidity.

  • Conductive Grid Tape p102

    For use in ESD sensitive environments. Polypropylene tape layered with non sparking antistatic surface on the inside and outside of tape. Conductive grids are embedded between 2 antistatic layers that prevent shredding, flaking, cracking or chipping of grids. Tan/Black, plastic core, 36 yds. Min. order 25 rolls. 25R/S/cs

  • Water Inspection Lamp p102

    Detects particulate matter missed by other inspection techniques. 100 watt bulb emits strong mercury lines at 546, 577 and 579 nm. Yellow filter blocks emission of wavelengths shorter than 500nm. Protects against photoresist Lamp.