• AS-5 Vacuum p104

    Use to connect shoe cleaner where central vacuum is not available. This new addition to our vacuum line, AS-5 HEPA (dry recovery) System is excellent. It is ready to use and includes a tool kit. The convenient design allows easy access to HEPA filter while maintaining leak proof seal. It features a 4 stage filtration system: paper filter bag, cloth prefilter, HEPA filter and foam exhaust filter. Rated at only 59 dBa users are excited about this new 3 gallon capacity, light weight - only 17 pound vacuum. It is a 96 CFM, 1000 watts unit with a 33' long power cord."

  • Model 7347 CRV Vacuum p104

    Designed for Class 1 (ISO 3), 99.9995% efficient at 0.12 microns. Stainless steel tank, 3 stage filtering, disposable paper bag, cloth filter bag with replacement indicator light, 65 dBA noise level, 4 gal dry only capacity, 99 CFM, 88" lift, Flashing in use light. USES TOOL KIT 17A.

  • Model 17A Tool Kit p104

    Model 17A Tool Kit for 7347 CRV Vacuum .Includes Parts

    • 10' x 1 1/2" hose.
    • Dusting brush(1).
    • 54" wand (1).
    • Adapter(1).
    • Floor Brush.
    • Crevice Tool (1).

  • 20E Tool Kit X-1000-15 & MX-1000-15 Vac. p104

    20E Tool Kit for X-1000-15 and MX-1000-15 Vacuum. Includes Parts

    • 800303 hose 1 1/2" x 10'.
    • 29000 wand (operation handle).
    • 800035 crevice tool.
    • 800083 round dust brush.
    • 800124 upholstery tool 5".
    • 731 side on bristle brush.
    • 800603 brush tool 14".
    • 800605 squeegee floor tool 14".

  • CR-4D Vacuum p105

    Ulpa filtration (Ultra Low Penetration Air) 99.999% efficiency on particles as small as 0.12 microns. Ideal for cleaning floors, walls, table tops, and for cleaning around process machines. Ready to use: the CR- 4D comes complete with Ulpa filter and tool kit. High density polyethylene recovery tank ensures excellent corrosion resistance. Tool Kit includes 10' hose (static dissipative), 2 each extension winds, PVC crevice tool, PVC flat tool, round brush combo, Floor tool and paper bags (5).

  • MV-1CR Compact Class 10 (ISO 4) Vacuum p105

    ULPA filtration, 99,999% efficiency on particles as small as 0.12 micron. Lightweight and portable, static free, complete with ULPA filter and standard tool kit. Tool Kit includes 5' hose, micro tool kit, round brush, flat tool, crevice tool, paper bags (5) and 35' detachable cord.

  • CWR-10 (4W) Wet/Dry Vacuum p105

    Certified for use in Class 10 (ISO 4) clean- rooms. Includes dual ULPA filtration with efficiency of 99.999% on 0.12 microns. Its static free and RFI shielded. The recovery tank and the wheel base assembly are made entirely of stainless steel and can be cleaned in an autoclave. Wheels are made of nylon with stainless steel hubs which are non-marking and can resist high temperatures. Tool Kit includes 10' hose (static dissipative), 2 each extension winds, PVC crevice tool, PVC flat tool, round brush combo. Floor tool and paper bags (5).