• Packaging Products p106

    Polyethylene : Low density Ultraclean Film™ certified to: Level II (poly, transparent). Medical implants; bearings, valves; valve component parts; box liners and bulk storage; laundry services; gamma sterilization; pharmaceutical storage; electronic disk carriers and transport trays; precision parts; air, gas, water filters and housings; machinery covers.

  • Polyethylene & Anti-Static p106

    Anti-static poly: Level III (anti-static poly) adds static protection for the parts listed above. Additionally, it is effective for secondary packaging for parts transport; separator sheets between parts; parts storage; disk storage; printed circuit boards, electronic solenoid valves; and clean wafer boat carriers.

  • Nylon & Anti-Static Nylon 2 mil p106

    Nylon 6, Ultraclean Film® certified to Level 1 cleanliness standards.

  • Nylon & Anti-Static Nylon 2 mil p106
  • Aclar p107

    Fluorinated, chlorinated thermoplastic Ultraclean Film® certified to Level 1 cleanliness standards. Moisture and oxygen barrier protection; liquid oxygen parts storage; ball bearings and parts storage where corrosion is a problem; semiconductor chips; aerospace parts; optics; Pharmaceuticals.

  • Roll Bag Dispenser p107

    Now available - an effective means of dispensing rolls of bags or film. An easy way to establish protocol by color of cleanroom waste avoiding inadvertent mixing of non compatible items. Unit consist of (3) 14' x 48" wire shelves, (8) removable dispensing bars and (4) posts 74". Unit is available in stainless steel or chrome finish, specify when ordering.

  • HeatSealer p107

    For bags up to 36". Strong seal, economical model. Heat indicator for proper temperature selection. Red safety light. Jaws available in Teflon, plain metal or serrated metal. 110V. 1/4" seal width. Foot pedal assembly is included.