• Double Bin Cleaning Bucket p81

    Double bucket bin makes floor cleaning easier. Holds clean and dirty water in the same bucket. Rinse mop in dirty side and pick up clean water in the other. Durable plastic bucket with molded carrying handle.

  • Triple Bucket System p81

    Designed for large area cleaning and disinfecting. Provides various cleaning options and greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination. In a decontaminating protocol the bucket under the wringer isolates soiled contaminants, the middle bucket holds rinse to remove residual contaminants from the mop head; and the front bucket holds full strength cleaning and sanitizing agents. System complete with wringer, cart, casters, (3) fifteen liter buckets, mop frame and polymer adjustable handle. Option (Shown) with stainless steel basket and (2) six-liter pails for carrying sanitation or cleaning sup plies. Available in red, blue or white, specify when ordering. Autoclave sterilization, 250°F-30 minutes.

  • Tru Clean II, Comp. Dou. Buck. Sys p81

    Compact design is ideal for small area cleaning and disinfecting, Clean a full 16" x 5" area in a single pass. Precisely control moisture content of mop heads with our durable and efficient wringer. Waste bucket captures and isolates soiled contaminants. Rests inside large 36-liter bucket. Can be used as a double or single systems. Convenient size for small storage areas, and autoclaves. Autoclave Sterilization, 250°F-30 minutes. System complete with stainless steel wringer, 36-liter and waste containment bucket, high temperature resistant casters and wheels, mop frame and polymer adjustable handle. (Mop sold separately.)

  • Plastic Wringer p81

    Durable plastic wringer. For 16-40 oz. mops. Yellow.

  • SS Bucket & Wringer p81

    Both items have all metal parts 304 stainless steel except pressure bar and spring. 7512A Bucket and 7512B is the wringer, they are sold separately.

  • Hand Held Squeegee p81

    Made of PVC, excellent for removing liquid from bench and counter tops. The handle section is firm, the bottom section is pliable providing surface cleaning properties.

  • Plastic Bucket p81

    High impact co-polymer. Seamless Reinforced rim, rigid ribs. 2" casters. Yellow.