• Alcohol Hand Sterilizer p74

    Sanitizes hands in seconds without using paper or cloth towels that introduce cross- contamination. Available with a manual or electric eye tripper that activates sanitizing ethyl alcohol spray that evaporates without wiping. Available 120V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz.

  • Touch Free Comp. Soap Disp. p74

    Dispenser delivers a consistent pre-measured dose of soap or sanitizer into the palm of the hand, clean, safe and economical. The electronic eye guarantees immediate activation and delay time for the next activation.

  • Hand Dryers p74

    Designed for lint-free contamination control drying. Heavy-duty reinforced die-cast chrome zinc. 360 rotating nozzle. UL app. 36 sec. 110V/60 HZ. Push button operation.

  • Hand Germicidal p74

    Alcohol foam, water replacement hand germicidal. Cools, moisturizes skin. 100% transient organism elimination. Non-staining.