• Sponge Mop p73

    Highly absorbent, picks up lint and dust. Lever action engages twin rollers. Complete wringing "Squeegee" absorbs moisture for faster drying. Polyurethane mop head. 10" Mop

  • Sponge Mop p73

    Highly absorbent, picks up lint and dust. Lever action engages twin rollers. Complete wringing "Squeegee" absorbs moisture for faster drying. Polyurethane mop head. 10" Mop

  • Tacky roll mop 18" p.40

    The Tacky Roll Mop Assembly is a disposable 18" adhesive surface which picks up contaminants from hard to reach areas such as walls, ceilings, floors, benchtops, windows and corners. It removes dirt, dust, debris, and lint from glass, plastic, metal, cloth and similar problem surfaces. The top sheet of the tacky roll mop may be peeled off to expose a fresh, clean surface. Perforated every 14%" (avg.) for easy access to fresh sheet. For refill simply pull off the old core and replace it with a new roll. The Tacky Roll Mop has a telescopic 48" handle to achieve a maxi mum reach of over 7 feet. Each Tacky Roll Mop has 20 (avg,) disposable adhesive sheets.

    • MODEL 6-300 complete assembly, includes a total of 4 refills, 10 lbs.
    • MODEL 6-300R Refill
    • MODEL 6-303 3" Tacky Roll Mop
    • MODEL 6-303R 3" Tacky Roll Mop refill
    • MODEL 6-336 36" Tacky Roll Mop assembly w/ fiberglass handle and one set of inserts-(2 each 18" units) Refills use 6-300R (2 ea. are required.)

  • Spaghetti Mop p73

    Excellent for lint and particulate free cleaning.

  • Poly-Sorb Mop p73

    A 100% dacron polyester blend mop head. Fast absorbing, launderable and incinerable. Designed for use in reactors with high radiation. Suitable for Class 100 (ISO 5) conditions.

  • Hy-Sorb Mop Heads p73

    A blend of polypulp and rayon. A light weight with high absorption, launderable and incinerable mop. Mop picks up particles and water, wet or dry. Suitable for Class 10,000 (ISO 7) cleanrooms.

  • Kemi-Kleen Mop p73

    Mop head holds chemically treated dust attracting Kemi-Kleen disposable wipe. Soft foam head conforms to irregular floors. Refill 801 Kemi-Kleen wipe sold separately. 7336 Mop kit: the frame head, handle and wipes, all sold separately.

  • Spaghetti Mop Handle p73

    Plastic mop handle, 60" long x 7 3/4" wide. 60" Handle Only

  • Micro Scrub Mop Head Cover p73

    Perfect for cleanroom, this new microfiber technology cleans better than anything you've seen. Manufactured from a unique split polyester, polyamide microfiber, it cleans microscopically with millions of tiny super absorbent strands which reach down inside the pits and indentations on the surface, picking up dirt and germs; dramatically reducing bacterial counts.

  • Ultraclean Sponges p80

    Blown urethane sponges, Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanroom packaged and processed in level 2 bag. Less than 100 particles per cu. ft. 3 oz. Sponges are sold individually. The only certified cleanroom cleaned sponge, Note: Available in sterile-model numbers with "S" for sterile. Particle counts available

  • Floor Squeegee p80

    Fiberglass handle, double blade, no nuts and bolts, non-marring, PVC, one piece, easy-to- replace blade, Squeegees are sold individually.

  • Tru Clean Cover p80

    Fits securely over the Tru Clean Sponge. Soft cover is knitted from 100% continuous filament polyester, Excellent abrasion resistance. Extends sponge life. Minimizes extractables. Excellent chemical and microbial resistance, Compatible with gamma, ETC and autoclave sterilization.

  • Poly Foam Sponges & Wipes p80

    Ideal for wiping, cleaning, and applying sol vents in critically controlled environments. Fabricated from a unique polyurethane foam, they freely absorb and hold liquids. Offering fast wet out, excellent wipe-dry and fluid release, Superior medium for absorbing, retaining and transferring fluids, Soft and pliable when dry, they are non-linting and dimensionally stable, Chemically resistant. Reusable, Compatible with autoclavable sterilization at 121 ÂșC, 30 minutes. FDA and USDA approved materials. Available in two sizes and thickness.

  • Tru Clean Cover p80

    Designed specifically for use in critical environments. Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting with minimal particulate generation. Large 16" x 5" sponge has excellent chemical and microbial resistance, Single cell structure has superior liquid retention and effectively captures minute particles. Exceptional abrasion and tear resistance. Compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilization.