• Econowipe p76



    Designed for cleanroom use. Wipes are perfect for light to medium duty wiping applications and will not break down when wet. Monitored and tested to insure low levels of particulate matter, sodium and other heavy metals. Packaged in sturdy cleanroom dispenser plastic tubs that are ideal for clean storage and easy use. Will absorb many times its own weight in liquid. 300 tub/6 tub/cs.

  • Miracle Wipe p76

    Cleanest wipe available for cleanroom. Ten times cleaner than other wipers. Monofilament stretch yarn, processed in a clean- room. Does not disintegrate or lint. Non-abrasive, Super absorbent, extra strong.

  • Wet Wiper p77

    The only large, non-foam wet wipe available in a canister for cleanroom use. 7" x 7" general use wipe for tools, personnel surfaces and equipment. Saturated with 30% Dl water and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Packaged in an easy-to-use dispenser. 100 wipes per dispenser. 12 tubs/cs. 1 1/2 lbs. ea. tub.


  • Libwipes p79

    Bias-cut, edge sealed, limited linting cotton. Scratch free wiping on delicate areas. Will not attract airborne particles with electro-static charges. Pure cotton purified. Fast drying, high absorbency.

  • Techni-Cloth p77

    A high quality, economical, lint-free, non-woven cloth. Combines soft strength of polyester with absorbency of cellulose. Will not scratch or abrade precision components. Use wet or dry. 150/bg.

  • Maxi-Wipe p77

    Reticulated flexible polyurethane foam wipe. Patented three dimensional structure of skeletal strands, exceptionally porous, permeable used as a lint free wipe. Approximately 97% of the total volume is air or void of volume. Enormous dust holding capacities. High tensile strength, tear-resistant. Not affected by water, soap, detergents, oils, cleaning solvents or greases at normal temperatures. High and low temperature compatibility. Lightweight, won't mar surfaces. 9 x 9 x 1/8", 100/pkg 

  • Poly Foam Wipe p78

    Ideal for wiping, cleaning, and applying solvents in critically controlled environments. Fabricated from a unique polyurethane foam, they freely absorb and hold liquids. Offering fast wet out, excellent wipe-dry and fluid release. Superior medium for absorbing, retaining and transferring fluids. Soft and pliable when dry, they are non-linting and dimensionally stable. Chemically resistant. Reusable. Compatible with autoclavable sterilization at 121 C, 30 minutes. FDA and USDA approved materials. Available in two sizes and thicknesses.

  • Microscrub Cloths p78

    The Microscrub Cloths are scientifically proven to pick up more than 90% of all dust deposits on highly contaminated surfaced. The cloths are always positively charged to pick up dust and require less chemical than conventional cleaning products. It can be machine washed hundreds of times for re-use. Color coded by function or separated for controlled areas. 16 x 16, blue in color standard, 12 each/pkg.

  • Absorbond p78

    Ideal for cleaning glass, other optically transparent surfaces. 100% polyester spun bonded fabric. Softest wiper available with no binders or additives to affect surfaces. Static-free, absorbent.

  • Crew® 2 Wipers p79

    Cleanroom environmental wipers for all purpose use. Meltdown polypropylene. Textured surface entraps particulate matter. Will not scratch delicate surfaces. High absorbency, low halogen levels, acid resistant.

  • Cleanroom Lint Mitt p76

    The Liberty Lint Mitt is used to remove loose particles of dust and dirt from walls, cleanroom work tables, floors and clothing. Other uses include pick-up and handling of small parts, bearings, miniature precision components as well as several other uses in the cleanroom. Specially formulated adhesive will not leave residue on surfaces. Protective release liner on pick-up side. 100/bg.


    GRAB-EEZ (tm) and ESD Cleanroom wipe dispenser that eliminates waste and contamination. It is countertop or wall mountable and very user friendly making it almost impossible to grab more than one wipe at a time. The wipes are uniquely double c folded and stacked flat within the dispenser. The wipes are uniquely folded so that personnel can easily grab on to one wipe without cross contaminating the next wipe. The dispense is cleaned in a cleanroom and double bagged before it is introduced into a cleanroom.

    Model LIBGENTI-712 ISO CLASS 5 (Class 100) compatible, a 7 x 12 wipe, 200 wipes per bag, 12 bags per case.