• Tacky roll mop 18" p.40

    The Tacky Roll Mop Assembly is a disposable 18" adhesive surface which picks up contaminants from hard to reach areas such as walls, ceilings, floors, benchtops, windows and corners. It removes dirt, dust, debris, and lint from glass, plastic, metal, cloth and similar problem surfaces. The top sheet of the tacky roll mop may be peeled off to expose a fresh, clean surface. Perforated every 14%" (avg.) for easy access to fresh sheet. For refill simply pull off the old core and replace it with a new roll. The Tacky Roll Mop has a telescopic 48" handle to achieve a maxi mum reach of over 7 feet. Each Tacky Roll Mop has 20 (avg,) disposable adhesive sheets.

    • MODEL 6-300 complete assembly, includes a total of 4 refills, 10 lbs.
    • MODEL 6-300R Refill
    • MODEL 6-303 3" Tacky Roll Mop
    • MODEL 6-303R 3" Tacky Roll Mop refill
    • MODEL 6-336 36" Tacky Roll Mop assembly w/ fiberglass handle and one set of inserts-(2 each 18" units) Refills use 6-300R (2 ea. are required.)

  • cleanroom accessories - move a wall p.19

    It allows the user the flexibility to separate cleanroom processes from each other to prevent cross contamination, or to close off an area for maintenance without closing down the entire cleanroom. The Move-A-Wall Enclosure is constructed of square tubular steel primed and painted in white or black.

  • cleanroom access. curtain cleaner p.19

    The device works on a spring-loaded mechanism, which clamps the curtain at its uppermost connection and then slides down to apply, or squeegee the cleaning agent at both sides of the curtain. The curtain cleaner has several types of heads to allow for different cleaning chemicals being used by the user.

  • cleanroom access. flex shield curtain p.19

    Used as extensions to Laminar Flow Hood and cleanroom enclosures. Available in the following thickness: 16 mil, 20 mil, 40 mil, 60 mil and 80 mil. Choose from solid, strip, clear or antistatic curtains.

  • cleanroom access. seal tech system p.19

    This innovative new hardware makes installation and panel replacement simple. Once the mounting channel is anchored to either ceiling or wall no further nuts and bolts are required. The extruded vinyl hook on top of each curtain is secured to the mounting channel by the matching facial plate.

  • Cleanroom Maintenance Kit

    What Every Cleanroom Must Have To Keep It Clean

    The Liberty Cleanroom Maintenance Kit is essential to maintain cleanroom cleanliness levels. The kit includes The Tacky Mat® - the original contamination control dry mat created over forty years ago at Liberty Industries and the Tacky Roll Mop® in all its versions. The kit makes it easy to keep your clean- room clean!

    • 1ea Cleanroom Maintenance Primer
    • 1cs Tacky Mats®, 18" x 36"
    • 1ea Tacky Roll Mop® w/ 3 Refills
    • 1ea Hand Held Tacky Roll Mop®
    • 2ea Hand Held Tacky Roll Mop® Refills 1ea 3" Tacky Roll Mop®
    • 6ea L-10 Sponges
    • 1ea 14" Sponge Mop
    • 3ea Sponge Mop Refills
    • 1ea Cleanroom Bucket
    • 1cs Econowipes
    • 1ea Wet wipe/Canister 7"x7"
    • 1ea IPA 30/70 Solution 20 oz bottle
    • 12 bottle Spray Cleaning Agent


    GRAB-EEZ (tm) and ESD Cleanroom wipe dispenser that eliminates waste and contamination. It is countertop or wall mountable and very user friendly making it almost impossible to grab more than one wipe at a time. The wipes are uniquely double c folded and stacked flat within the dispenser. The wipes are uniquely folded so that personnel can easily grab on to one wipe without cross contaminating the next wipe. The dispense is cleaned in a cleanroom and double bagged before it is introduced into a cleanroom.

    Model LIBGENTI-712 ISO CLASS 5 (Class 100) compatible, a 7 x 12 wipe, 200 wipes per bag, 12 bags per case.