• Tacky Mat big blue p.39

    Get maximum protection with the Tacky Mat® 800030 series for foot borne contamination. Each sheet has a strong adhesive coating that removes dirt on contact. The 800030 series provides the most economical way to meet cleanroom needs. The Tacky Mat® 800030 series protects sanitary conditions in cleanroom areas. Each mat consists of 30 disposable sheets. When the top sheet becomes soiled, simply peel off to expose a new, clean surface. Tacky Mat® 800030 installs in seconds and can last up to weeks at a time depending on the amount of traffic. No frame is required; adhesive strips, 800030B or full width backing, 800030BFW, adhere the Tacky Mat® 800030 in place on the floor. Scroll down to watch a video showing how effective a Tacky Mat® is in removing foot borne contamination and the correct way to dispose of a soiled sheet.

    • Polyethylene 2 mil sheet, non-allergenic, non-odorous, non-drying solid adhesive, will not age
    • Standard color: blue - other colors available on request
    • 3 strips of double coated tape or full width adhesive backing
    • Each sheet individually tabbed with exclusive pull-tab system
    • Anti-microbial germicide in all mats
    • 4 mats per case, 30 sheets per mat
    • For full width adhesive backing add the suffix FW
    • To indicate tack level add A-high, B-medium,

  • Super kleen tacky mat 6000M10 p.38

    The 6000M10 Super Kleen Tacky Mat®, Designed to provide added protection in those areas requiring a greater degree of contamination control. The 6000M10 Tacky Mat® picks up more foot-borne contaminants and last twice as long as conventional hard-surface mats because of its unique contouring and resilient foam properties. A special poly foam cushion, permanently fixed to the base of each Tacky Mat® sheet provides total conformity to a shoe under normal pressure. In addition, each sheet has a unique bounce- back memory so that maximum effectiveness is restored after each step, 6000M10 Tacky Mat® consists of 10 disposable poly foam layers. A special pressure-sensitive surface picks up all types of dirt and dust from shoes, wheels and casters. The Tacky Mat® fits into a plastic frame. As with other Tacky Mat®, a fresh surface can be exposed by simply peeling off the contaminated surface. Test Report available on request.

    • Each sheet closed cell 1/16" poly laminate, coated with a special non-allergenic, non-odorous, non-residual adhesive formula
    • Standard color: Gray
    • 11/2" density factor
    • Meets all NASA, government, Federal American Association of Contamination Control Standards and GMP's
    • One tack level - B (moderate)
    • 12 mats per case, 10 sheets per mat

  • Tacky mat IF6-200 frame p.38

    A specially constructed plastic frame designed for use with the Liberty Industries Inc, Super Kleen Tacky Mat®. The frame is double contoured for trip- free movement and wheeled equipment. Refill Super Kleen tacky mats® are easy to install, Peel off the protective paper from the adhesive strips on the bottom of the last sheet and press down.

    • 15° angle inward
    • 11° incline
    • 3" overall width
    • 1/4" plastic base
    • Plastic extrusion

  • Tacky roll mop 18" p.40

    The Tacky Roll Mop Assembly is a disposable 18" adhesive surface which picks up contaminants from hard to reach areas such as walls, ceilings, floors, benchtops, windows and corners. It removes dirt, dust, debris, and lint from glass, plastic, metal, cloth and similar problem surfaces. The top sheet of the tacky roll mop may be peeled off to expose a fresh, clean surface. Perforated every 14%" (avg.) for easy access to fresh sheet. For refill simply pull off the old core and replace it with a new roll. The Tacky Roll Mop has a telescopic 48" handle to achieve a maxi mum reach of over 7 feet. Each Tacky Roll Mop has 20 (avg,) disposable adhesive sheets.

    • MODEL 6-300 complete assembly, includes a total of 4 refills, 10 lbs.
    • MODEL 6-300R Refill
    • MODEL 6-303 3" Tacky Roll Mop
    • MODEL 6-303R 3" Tacky Roll Mop refill
    • MODEL 6-336 36" Tacky Roll Mop assembly w/ fiberglass handle and one set of inserts-(2 each 18" units) Refills use 6-300R (2 ea. are required.)

  • hand held tacky roll mop p40

    A smaller version of the full size tacky roll mop. It's the perfect tool for cleaning work counters, pass thru windows and any other cleanroom areas where fast clean up is needed in confined spaces. Peel off the dirty sheet when a new one is needed and when the roll is finished a new refill slides on easily. Its small size makes it convenient to store and the sheet perforations make it easy to use.

  • Home office Tack mat p.41

    Now bring the cleaning benefits of a Tacky Mat® into your home or office. The Home/Office Tacky Mat® is especially designed with a non-skid foam- backed frame to be placed on carpets, tile, wood or any surface without damage, It can be easily relocated and offers the same quick change sheets as our standard Tacky Mats®. Simply pull off the soiled sheet (30 sheets) and a fresh sheet is ready to go. Use in areas where heavy traffic tracks in dust. Perfect for keeping the kids from carrying outside dirt through the house. Will lead to increased life of floors and carpets. Available in blue, white or gray to blend with your decor.

  • Ergo mat p.41

    Ergo Mat


    The ErgoMat anti-fatigue floor mat for use in Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanrooms. The mat helps reduce strain on the feet, legs and back causing subconscious muscle movement which increases circulation. The mat is constructed of elastic polyurethane and has a bubble profile and is static dissipative. Liquids are drained and non-skid qualities are maintained because of the bubble surface. Other sizes available, quoted on request.

  • Duratack washable mat p.42

    A permanent, washable, tack regenerating mat (patent pending) designed specifically for the removal of even the finest footborne and wheelborne contamination. Removes 98-100% of all surface contamination (mini mum 3 steps). The mat will self adhere to any flat, clean surface. All mats come with adhesive strips and optional edge strip, Available blue in color. Load resistance 1200 PSI, Easy maintenance - mop, rinse, squeegee and let dry, 100% of the tack is regenerated when cleaned properly and regularly.

  • Sporicidin p72

    Used for normal use and daily cleaning, mop, squeegee and let dry, packaged in 1 gallon concentration-1:4 cleaner vs, water, It regenerates the tack thereby lengthening the life of the mats and flooring,

  • Image

    For high traffic and high contamination applications and monthly cleanings; mop, squeegee and let dry, Packaged in 1 gallon concentration

  • Wayfarer mat p.41



    The Wayfarer mat features a long lasting sheet vinyl back and borders on all four sides for long lasting performance in high traffic areas. It utilizes a durable, vinyl loop construction that protects floor finish and reduces floor maintenance and cleaning costs. The Wayfarer has a built in antibacterial agent, is fire resistant and available in eight colors: black, gray, burgundy, green, red, stone brown and navy blue. Specify size and color when ordering.