Ideal for height restricted areas. HVAS-2 offers same quality application and reliable operation as AS-200. 5HP blower motor and filter installed on side of the unit to conserve vertical height. Airflow, filters, assembly lighting, voltage and operating time are the same as the AS-200 air shower.
Unit of Measure


Nom. Size

N/A 4x4x6' 8" Ft.


N/A 1000 lbs

Size O.D.

N/A 48x48x82 Inch

Size O.D.

N/A 121.9x121.9x208.2 cm

Size I.D.

N/A 36x44x48 Inch

Size I.D.

N/A 91.4x111.7x121.9 cm

Electrical Requirements

N/A 3 phase 208/220 volts, approx 10 amp run, 440/480 volts 3 phase 60 HZ, run amp 5.0.