Liberty's AS-200E provides an economical option for reliable air shower protection for low traffic areas. The AS200E offers many of the same features in other Liberty Air Showers, The ideal choice for low traffic areas or for small industries where economy and quality are a prime concern. Liberty's most economical air shower is used to augment clean room operations to reduce levels of contaminant exposure in a controlled area. Construction is the same as AS200, Doors - heavy duty anodized aluminum, 3/16" safety glass. Available with option of left or right door swings, Doors have magnetic interlocks, Operation can be changed from 1 way to 2 way without changing electrical parts.
Unit of Measure


Nom. Size

N/A 4x4x10 Ft.


N/A 2100 lbs.

Dim O.D. W

N/A 48 Inch

Dim O.D. D

N/A 48 Inch

Dim O.D. H

N/A 120 Inch