The H100 Series Pass thru Chamber (Pass through) is mfg. with 3/4" novaply with high pressure plastic laminate and acrylic door. An optional reverse action interlock opens one door and locks the other side. Chrome-plated hinges.

A custom designed Pass thru Chamber unit for easy access or passage of materials between the cleanroom and outer dirtier areas. Essential for maximum protection against outer contamination when objects are passed into or out of the cleanroom. Constructed of novaply laminated plastic. The optional stainless steel mechanical interlock is a pushpin lock and turn handle system. Completely assembled and ready for installation. All units are available in stainless steel construction, please refer to H100 SS series, or request a quote.

Also known as a pass thru or pass through communicator, package transfer unit, cleanroom pass-throughs, pass-through air locks, chambers or transfer hatches.
Unit of Measure


Size Outside

N/A 24x24x24 Inch

Size Outside

N/A 60.9x60.9x60.0 cm

Size Inside

N/A 20 1/4x22 1/2x24 Inch

Size Inside

N/A 51.4x57.1x60.9 cm


N/A 180 lbs.