Designed for ultra dust-free conditions for production and laboratory requirements. Exceeds all applicable military, commercial and medical specifications. Air curtain prevents introduction of contaminants from the surrounding air into work area. Perforated with stainless steel work surface. 3/4" novaply, white high-pressure plastic laminate on exposed surfaces. Interior surfaces sealed to prevent shedding of particulates. Two pieces, base unit and fume hood, for easy installation. Available in either exhaust or recirculating modes. Specify when ordering. If exhausting, customer is responsible for exhausting air from the laminar flow unit to take beyond the exhaust duct collar. Optional damper available to change to either mode easily, acrylic side panels or magnehelic gauge. Available in stainless steel construction, quoted on request.
Unit of Measure


No. of HEPA's

N/A 1

Rated CFM

N/A 800

Dim. A

N/A 50 Inch


N/A 975 lbs

No. of Light/Watts

N/A 1/40

Run. Current

N/A 6.8 Amps.

No. of Blowers Pre-filter

N/A 1 ea.

Electrical Requirements

N/A 120V, single phase, 60 HZ.