The innovative design of the Mintie ECU Mobile Platform  provides mobility, stability and convenience which increases efficiency and ease of work while using a containment unit to comply with containment regulations. The ECU-MP enables individuals who are making multiple wall or ceiling based penetrations to work more efficiently and safely. It offers superior mobility and construction efficiently, ladders tools and supplied can be left in place while rolling. Sets up anywhere in just minutes. It's low profile construction, locking straps and safety tip allow for highly stable ladder deployment for ceiling penetration. The total lock caster wheels  provide ultra smooth mobility when rolling and rock solid support when locked.  It loads and uploads easily into work vehicles. Collapsible off-set wheel design creates ultra this profile for minimal use of storage and vehicle space. One person can easily transport a Mintie ECU mobile platform and containment unit together using the platform as a dolly.  Approx.  63 " l x 36 5/8" w x 4" h,  38 pounds.
Unit of Measure