The100FJR Motorized shoe brush machine (shoe brush cleaner) is for areas requiring dust-free conditions. 2 motor driven brushes clean the sides of the shoe and 1 bottom brush does the sole and heel. (An optional top brush will clean the top surface). The rotating brushes are driven by a 1/3 HP, 120V, 60 HZ, single phase motor. The motor is designed to protect the user by limiting the torque you can apply to the brushes. optional 220V/50 HZ quoted on request Operating conditions for 100FJR is for shoe lengths no longer than 10" long and 3.5" wide, ie. standard street shoes.

Shoes with metal toes, larger in width and length are not recommended for this unit. See our heavy duty units, 2001TB and 351 Bull Dog. Excessive downward force to the bottom brush or lateral force on the side brushes has the potential to stall the machine. A control switch is located on top of personnel support handle which assists the operator in maintaining balance. Side brushes are split for easy replacement. The cover is removable.

The 100FJR can be used with Liberty's AS-5 HEPA filter vacuum system, Liberty’s 104 non-HEPA vacuum or Liberty’s 103LVI solenoid valve, which will allow for connection to a central vacuum system. The Model AS-% vacuum system is 100 CFM producer equipped with a 99.97% efficient HEPA filter. A disposable paper bags collects the bulk of the recovered dust. A 28" long tube connects the vacuum to shoe cleaner. The optional Liberty 103 solenoid valve with hose and connectors may be used with a central vacuum system. A solenoid activates the vacuum when the control button is pressed on the support handle. It shuts off the vacuum when released.

The Shoe cleaner should be used in conjunction with a vacuum, a central vacuum or an external vacuum in order to create a negative pressure inside the brush area of the unit. This prevents particles from moving outside the unit.
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