Germfree's Barrier Isolator, the Laminar Flow Glovebox/Isolator (LFGI), meets the requirements of USP <797>.

All exhaust air is HEPA filtered, removing all particulates and reducing the risk of long-term exposure to compounding elements.

A strong negative pressure ensures the operator will not be exposed to hazardous materials being compounded fir containment is breached.

A fully sealed, all stainless steel antechamber maintains complete separation between the work area and the ambient room air. This same technology is used in the High Containment Gloveboxes that Germfree manufactures for the US Department of Defense of handling chemical and biological warfare agents.

Strong positive pressure ensures product protection even if a massive breach in containment were to occur.

HEPA filtered unidirectional (laminar) airflow in the work area continually washes away particulates generated by product manipulation.

The antechamber is equipped with a timed HEPA filtered air purge to remove trapped particulates and thereby prevent contamination of the work area with ambient room air.

The LFGI can be configured, either at the factory or in-place, to exhaust 100%, a portion or none of the air from the work area. The LFGI can thus meet the recommendation from NIOSH for no recirculation (100% exhaust) in the work area.

This recommendation is borne out of the likelihood of vapor concentration when air is continually recirculated in the work area, increasing the risk of personnel exposure.

The same LFGI can be configured, either at the factory or in-place, to operate under positive or negative pressure. This allows for future usage in alternate locations and capacities.

Also available in 3', 4' and 6' sizes.
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