• Shoe Brush 2010SC

    The 2010SC Shoe Brush Machine ( motorized shoe brush cleaner ) is a heavy-duty shoe and sole cleaner features a 99.99% effective HEPA filter exhaust system. Fully self-contained, brushes are driven by a timing belt between the gear motor and bottom brush assembly. The captured dirt is easily removed from its pull-out drawer and the optional Tacky Mat®., with frame assures footborne dirt capture. Remarkably quiet and efficient, this fully automated unit stands 18"(w) x 28" (l) x 39" (h) and weighs 135 lbs. 120 Voltage/60 HZ. Optional 220/50 quoted on request.

    The automatic sensor unit activates the shoe brush machine with the foot is placed in the opening.  The unit incorporates a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter exhaust system that prevents particles from reentering the surrounding area and captures heavy contaminants in a convenient pull out drawer.

     The unit is self contained with a built in vacuum system; a timing belt drive between the gear motor and bottom brush assembly.



    -          Totally enclosed fan cooled gear motor

    -          Round belt drive for the top brush

    -          Four motor driven brushes

    -          Floating, weight loaded, top brush

    -          Stainless steel base plate

    -          Dirty HEPA filter warning light

    -          Positive, easily adjustable time belt tension

    -          Easily removable dust drawer and contamination bag

    -          Easily removable filter

    -          Heavy duty construction

    -          Operating noise with blower, vacuum and gear motor is 55 dba

    -          Water resistant

    -          7’ power cord

    -          1/6 HP,120V/60HZ

    -          18 ½” x 28” x 39”

    -          135 lbs. Ship weight


    The 2010 SC unit comes with a special energy conserving switch that activates the unit.  The motor shuts off automatically when the foot is removed from the unit.  No other shoe cleaning machine available offer such power, cleaning ability and convenience.


  • Shoe Brush 2001-TB

    The 2001TB Shoe Brush machine ( motorized shoe brush cleaner ) is fully a automated shoe brush unit that features four motor-driven brushes to clean the sides, top and bottom of virtually any piece of footwear. This 132 pound unit features a 1/3-hp, 120V/60Hz electric gear motor and stands 20" w x 24" d" x 39" h w/ support handle. Optional 220V/50HZ or CR Marked 220/50 HZ quoted on request

    Cover is roto-molded white polyethylene.  Removable hood secured by 4 latches.  Operating instructions printed on plastic sign attached to personnel support handle.  Safety control switch conveniently located on top of handle.  Handle helps maintain balance.



    • Overall Height, assembly – 39”
    • 4 Motor driven brushes – sides, bottom and top.
    • Length minus attachments – 20 ¼” belt
    • Width – 19”
    • Height of box – 15 ¼”
    • Assembled weight – 132 lbs
    • Transmission driven brushes
    • Shipping weight – 158 lbs
    • V & Round belt drive
    • 1/6 HP, 120V/60HZ, Single phase
    • Enclosed fan cooled motor
    • Cast Iron Base
    Shoe cleaner should be used in conjunction with a vacuum, a central vacuum or an external vacuum in order to create a negative pressure inside the brush area of the unit. This prevents particles from moving outside the unit.   Vacuums sold seperatley.

  • The Liberty 351 Bull Dog (R) shoe brush machine ( motorized shoe brush cleaner )is specifically designed to clean shoes where employees or visitors enter your office, warehouse, or work area directly from outside or a dirty work area. This unit handles all types of dirt including mud, leaves, grass clippings, slush or sand. Measuring 16" (w) x 21" (l) x 44" (h) and weighing 135 lbs, this puppy is ideal for heavy industrial areas. 120 volt/60 HZ. 

    Used properly the Bull Dog could significantly reduce your annual maintenance costs for high traffic areas where dirt is a concern and will enable you to protect your expensive floors and carpets from damage.  Unit must be placed indoors in a hall or entryway.  The unit cannot be placed outside.


    • Designed for cleaning large construction boots and shoes.
    • ¼ horsepower 115V/60hz single phase motor
    • Total power requirement including vacuum is 12.4 amps
    • Shoe Brush (5.4 amps) Vacuum (7.0 amps)
    • System protected by a 15-amp breaker
    • 16 gauge stainless steel housing
    • A user operated push button switch turns on the machine when depressed  and shuts the system down when released.  The vacuum should be plugged directly into the Bull Dog and will be activated when push button is used.
    • Shafts are carbon steel electro-less nickel-plated design to reduce corrosion
    • Easy installation, plug into a standard 115V/60hz single phase outlet
    • Rotating heavy duty nylon brushes for cleaning (non abrasive)
    • User can perform preventative maintenance
    • System comes with a 6’ power cord ready to plug in
    • Size: 16”Wx21”Lx44”H
    Shoe cleaner should be used in conjunction with a vacuum, a central vacuum or an external vacuum in order to create a negative pressure inside the brush area of the unit. This prevents particles from moving outside the unit.

  • shoe brush 100-fj p.45

    The100FJR Motorized shoe brush machine ( shoe brush cleaner ) is for areas requiring dust-free conditions. 2 motor driven brushes clean the sides of the shoe and 1 bottom brush does the sole and heel. (An optional top brush will clean the top surface). The rotating brushes are driven by a 1/3 HP, 120V, 60 HZ, single phase motor. The motor is designed to protect the user by limiting the torque you can apply to the brushes. optional 220V/50 HZ quoted on request Operating conditions for 100FJR is for shoe lengths no longer than 10"long and 3.5" wide, ie. standard street shoes.

    Shoes with metal toes, larger in width and length are not recommended for this unit. See our heavy duty units, 2001TB and 351 Bull Dog. Excessive downward force to the bottom brush or lateral force on the side brushes has the potential to stall the machine. A control switch is located on top of personnel support handle which assists the operator in maintaining balance. Side brushes are split for easy replacement. The cover is removable.

    The 100FJR can be used with Liberty's AS-5 HEPA filter vacuum system, Liberty’s 104 non-HEPA vacuum or Liberty’s 103LVI solenoid valve, which will allow for connection to a central vacuum system. The Model AS-% vacuum system is 100 CFM producer equipped with a 99.97% efficient HEPA filter. A disposable paper bags collects the bulk of the recovered dust. A 28" long tube connects the vacuum to shoe cleaner. The optional Liberty 103 solenoid valve with hose and connectors may be used with a central vacuum system. A solenoid activates the vacuum when the control button is pressed on the support handle. It shuts off the vacuum when released..

    The Shoe cleaner should be used in conjunction with a vacuum, a central vacuum or an external vacuum in order to create a negative pressure inside the brush area of the unit. This prevents particles from moving outside the unit.

  • Manual Shoe Cleaner p.46

    100 sq. in. of cleaning surface plus "heavy accumulation" scraper, Contoured V-shaped 1 1/2" brushes clean sides, front, back and soles. Soil directed downward. One foot secures unit while the other is cleaned. Structural foam blocks, 3" x l 1/2" x 10", are held in place by steel swivel brackets bolted to all steel frame. Plastic bristles are "Soak-Proofed," acid and weather resistant. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

  • AS-5 Vacuum p104

    Use vacuum to connect shoe cleaner where central vacuum is not avail able. This new addition to our vacuum line, AS-5 HEPA (dry recovery) System is excellent. It is ready to use and includes a tool kit. The conven ient design allows easy access to HEPA filter while maintaining leak proof seal. It features a 4 stage filtration system: paper filter bag, cloth prefilter, HEPA filter and foam exhaust filter. Rated at only 59 dBa users are excited about this new 3 gallon capacity, light weight - only 17 pound vacuum. It is a 96 CFM, 1000 watts unit with a 33' long power cord." Unit comes stan dard with tool kit not shown in photo.

  • Vacuum p51

    Use vacuum to connect to shoe cleaner where central vacuum is not available. Portable, self-contained 100 CFM vacuum producer, Equipped with microstatic filter which is 80% ASHRAE tested. Contaminants deposited in easily removed disposable paper bags, 120V, 60 HZ. (220V, 50 HZ optional,) 20"H x 15"W. Circumference - 45", 6 amps, 1 HP, 4 gal. capacity.

  • Connecting Hose p51

    30' crush-proof vinyl hose connects shoe cleaner to 104 vacuum.

  • Image

    Liberty Industries supplies a solenoid valve form the worlds leading manufacturuer, ASCO, to connect to the 100FJR, 2001TB and 351 Bull Dog shoe brush machines to a central vacuum system.  This valve is used in conjunction with a central vacuum system to regulate the flow of air or vacuum pressure.  The valve is normally closed and opened when energized typically when the shoe brush machine is energized.  The standard model is 120 volt, 60 HS, single phase rated.  Other voltages are available when required.



  • Valve Connector Kit

    30" crush-proof vinyl hose with male and female connectors at either end. VK male repair coupling, 2" pipe nipple and 2" E valve for connecting solenoid to central vacuum system and shoe cleaner to the solenoid.

  • as10 vaccum

    AS-10 HEPA Dry Vacuum,  9.995% eff on .3 mircon, tested IEST REP-CC001.2 H14 by MPPS Method as per EN 1822 and OSHA compliant.  Light weight and portable, w/ heavy duty plastic plastic recovery tank, mounted on 4-wheel dolly for easy maneuerability;  62 (dBa)., includes tool kit.
    Unit has a 4 gal dry recovery tank and 33' cord length.

    Dimensions - 16"l x 16"w x 23"h            
    120 volt/60HZ/single phase
    8.3 amps
    Air flow  96CFM
    Weight 23 pounds

    (Recommended vacuum for dry only for our 351 Bull dog Shoe Cleaner)