The 2010SC Shoe Brush Machine (motorized shoe brush cleaner) is a heavy-duty shoe and sole cleaner features a 99.99% effective HEPA filter exhaust system. Fully self-contained, brushes are driven by a timing belt between the gear motor and bottom brush assembly. The captured dirt is easily removed from its pull-out drawer and the optional Tacky Mat®., with frame assures footborne dirt capture. Remarkably quiet and efficient, this fully automated unit stands 18" (w) x 28" (l) x 39" (h) and weighs 135 lbs. 120 Voltage/60 HZ. Optional 220/50 quoted on request. To be used prior to entry in a cleanroom area.


The automatic sensor unit activates the shoe brush machine with the foot is placed in the opening. The unit incorporates a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter exhaust system that prevents particles from reentering the surrounding area and captures heavy contaminants in a convenient pull out drawer.


The unit is self-contained with a built in vacuum system; a timing belt drive between the gear motor and bottom brush assembly.



-         Totally enclosed fan cooled gear motor

-         Round belt drive for the top brush

-         Four motor driven brushes

-         Floating, weight loaded, top brush

-         Stainless steel base plate

-         Dirty HEPA filter warning light

-         Positive, easily adjustable time belt tension

-         Easily removable dust drawer and contamination bag

-         Easily removable filter

-         Heavy duty construction

-         Operating noise with blower, vacuum and gear motor is 55 dba

-         Water resistant

-         7’ power cord

-         1/6 HP,120V/60HZ

-         18 ½” x 28” x 39”

-         135 lbs. Ship weight


The 2010 SC unit comes with a special energy conserving switch that activates the unit. The motor shuts off automatically when the foot is removed from the unit. No other shoe cleaning machine available offer such power, cleaning ability and convenience.


Unit of Measure


N/A 135 lbs

Size O.D.

N/A 18x28x39 Inch