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Garment rack that is free standing racks constructed of all stainless steel. These racks and hangers are ideal for hanging cleanroom apparel. Each unit comes with evenly spaced, non-removable hangers. Hangers are sold separately. Size 24"x48" w/15 hanger slots up o 24 x 84 w/27 hanger slots.
Garment Rack p91
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S2448-SGRN (24x48) N/A 24x48 Inch $2,682.75
S2460-SGRN (24x60) N/A 24x60 Inch $2,742.60
S2472-SGRN (24x72) N/A 24x72 Inch $2,786.70
S2484-SGRN (24x84) N/A 24x84 Inch $2,987.25
Unit of Measure